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Point A Hotel Liverpool Street in London – Our Review

During our travels this summer we spent a few days in London and stayed at a very nice and very different hotel from others that hosted us in our trips around the world, and today we’ll tell you about it and about the interesting concept they adopted.

The Story of Point A Hotels

We thought that, in the introduction, we should mention a few things about this mini hotel chain, so that we can give you a more complete picture of our experience.

So, the story of Point A Hotels has its roots in the last century, more than 50 years ago, when a family of entrepreneurs opened a small Bed & Breakfast. Since then, they have gathered experience, learned what guests want and expect from a hotel, mastered everything about hospitality, and in 2017 they set up this brand, which aims to offer visitors good accommodation options in central areas of the city, featuring superior conditions, increased comfort, outstanding hospitality and affordable prices.

In order to be able to offer low rates for quality and comfort in the centre of a very popular city among tourists and business people alike, they have reduced the size of the rooms, without making any compromise in terms of quality or facilities.

Currently, there are seven Point A hotels located in central areas of London, one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh.

Point A Hotel Liverpool Street

The Point A hotel that hosted us in London is located just 5 minutes from Liverpool Street station, on a quiet, cobblestoned street, being at the same time close to the heart of the city and away from the buzzing main boulevards.

The hotel building is nicely settled in the area displaying architectural traits characteristic to the style found in many neighbourhoods of the city, with simple, straight, minimalist lines, brown brick walls and numerous windows, while the vintage aspect of the facade finely contrasts with the modern while cozy interior design.

First impression

It is a very nice feeling to enter from a paved street with a pregnant historical charm reminiscent of English rigor, in a modern, colourful space, with friendly and relaxed people, ready to help and provide you with everything you need for an experience as pleasant as possible.

The young lady at the reception welcomed us with a smile that complemented perfectly the atmosphere in the lounge: with relaxing music, furniture and decorations in cheerful colours, comfort and positive emotions. Everything around was… just sunshiny!

She quickly explained where the two lifts are, how to get to the room, how to enter the hotel at night, and handed us the access card in the room and the breakfast vouchers.

The room

Our room was on the third floor, we went up by the elevator and came to a hallway with modern, tastefully chosen, unpretentious paintings and a wall-to-wall carpet with huge dandelions (or other similar flowers, for us they were dandelions 😊).

The first thing we did after entering the room was to look out the window and we had a pleasant surprise that looked like this:

Although the room is air conditioned and you can adjust the temperature anytime and however you want, the window can be folded if you suddenly feel like you miss the London air.

As we always research in advance, in detail, every place we are going to stay at and generally know what to expect – the tiny room – perhaps the smallest hotel room we have ever stayed in – did not surprise us, but we were surprised by how it was designed and the fact that nothing important was missing from it, whilst discovering every feature of the space we kept thinking „oh, that’s smart!”.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating, for every season, everything adjustable from an easy to use touch panel. There is also a free wi-fi internet connection with good signal and a Smart TV.

The bed was super comfy, with Hypnos quality mattresses, lovely white linen, the pillows were neither too soft nor too hard – just perfect for a restful sleep.

Due to the limited space, there were no classic closets in the room, but we were able to store our things just fine inside the bedside nightstands, on the table and on the hangers.

As we travel with a lot of electronics – laptops, phones, batteries and other wonders of modern world, we were very happy to find plenty of sockets and USB ports, so we didn’t have to charge our gadgets by turns, a highly unpleasant situation we found ourselves in many times before.

And now(!) we present to you the cherry on the cake – although the rooms at Point A hotels are furnished in a minimalist manner, without many unnecessary pieces of furniture and décor, put there just “to look good”, there is something that is not necessarily indispensable, but it’s so cool (!) – mood lighting!

In shades of white or yellow, blue or purple, pink or red, the warm and soothing light surrounds the room from around the bed, above the curtains and behind the mirror, creating a wonderful state of floating and dreaming. You can easily choose which colour you want from the touch panel next to the door or the bed.

The bathroom, as expected, is tiny too, just to fit the room. 😊 We had enough space, but it is possible that (very) heavy people may encounter some difficulties.

In our en-suite we found hand soap and shower gel, a small towel rug to step on a fluffy and dry surface when getting out of the shower, plastic cups, toilet paper and a sticker on the wall where the hotel team was asking us to help them save the world, “one towel at a time”. How, exactly? Through a good practice that we really appreciated – at Point A Hotels, towels are not changed daily, but every three days, to save valuable resources – water, detergents that affect the environment and the work of the people who do this. Let’s be serious – at home, do we change the towels every day? By the way – the towels are huge! And fluffy, and soft – it’s like you’re getting wrapped in a hug. And very clean, just like everything – the bed linen, the room, the bathroom – everywhere you look, you’ll find flawless cleanliness and a fresh scent. We had that lovely feeling like when we’re at home and we can walk everywhere barefoot without worrying about a thing.

We loved our room at Point A Hotel Liverpool Street, the nice view from the window – perfect to admire on rainy days, the comfort, the cleanliness, the quietness and the fact that we did not miss anything.

The Breakfast

The brekkie was absolutely delicious, so good that we totally forgot about the cold and rainy weather and it didn’t bother us at all although the calendar said it was summer, so we set out every morning excited to explore the city.

Although the presentation of the most important meal of the day resembles a buffet, it is not exactly the classic breakfast we are used to find when waking up in the morning in a hotel. Here, everything seemed more… cheerful, colourful, fresh and lively.

Lots of different fresh fruits – pineapple, bananas, apples, grapes, melons and watermelons, cereals of all kinds, natural yogurt or mixed with jam or honey, various super tasty pastries – sweet or salty, so good that they melt in your mouth, eggs, cheese, butter and more – you have a lot of options for a breakfast that prepares you for a whole day of “conquering” London.

The breakfast can be served both indoors, on the ground floor of the hotel, in a beautifully furnished area with comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas, plants and ambient lights or outdoors, in an urban garden that surprises with its tranquillity and greenery in the heart of the metropolis.

The Garden

Looking at the hotel from the outside, seeing the high walls and the neighbouring building next to them, the last thing you think could be hidden behind the imposing facade is a garden with lots of trees and shrubs, sunshades and relaxing space in nature.

We really fancied having breakfast here in the morning and enjoying our coffee at leisure. A part of the terrace is covered, so we could enjoy the fresh air even when it was raining.

The Social Lounge

While most people go on vacation to rest and forget about work, as we are always on the go, we take the work with us, in a corner of the luggage and in a corner of the mind. As our room at this hotel was very compact and it would have been quite difficult for us both to work comfortably in such a small space, we were especially pleased to have a super fancy space where we could work on our laptops in the hotel lounge.

It is the same space where breakfast is served in the morning, which during the day and in the evening turns into a common space for various activities and is open to all guests. Because there are so many leisure options in the area of ​​the hotel, bars, restaurants, cafes and the city centre within walking distance – we could work in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, with chill-out music, fast internet, lots of power outlets and USB ports at every table, comfortable chairs and tables.

Benefits for Guests

Point A Hotels has a membership programme called A-List, where guests get a 10% discount on all bookings, access to flexible prices, exclusive offers and quick bookings. Registration is free.

Also, each hotel has partnerships with various places in the area, where guests can benefit from discounts during their stay. These include gyms, bars and restaurants, beauty salons, travel agencies and more.


Yeah, it’s obvious, we know, but we will say it again: we loved our stay at Point A Hotel Liverpool Street in London and would do it again anytime. The people at Point A have shown that the central position and comfort of accommodation in one of the most visited cities in the world can also be affordable, and in terms of attitude towards the customer, friendliness holds the first place. We warmly recommend to anyone visiting London to stay at this hotel for a great experience.

Find out everything about Point A hotels, room availability and rates on their website: pointahotels.com

Please note that no compensation was received for this review, and the text was not pre-approved by the hotel. However, we were guests of Point A Hotel Liverpool Street in London. All opinions are our own and we only promote places and experiences that we love and believe would be useful to our readers. 

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