Visiting Republic of Moldova: historical sites, traditional wineries + 3 beautiful monasteries

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After completing our 2-day itinerary through Moldova on the right side of the Prut River, we arrived on a pleasant autumn evening on the left bank of the river, crossing the border at Albița / Leușeni Customs Office. After just one night of rest in Hîncești, the next day at down we resumed our Moldova road-trip to explore new parts…

Road-trip in Romania: Szekler Land and the Saxon Fortresses – Part 2 – Feldioara, Prejmer, Brașov, Râșnov, Făgăraș, Biertan

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After talking in the previous article about the first part of this summer’s road trip through Romania, when we went to Praid, Saschiz, Rupea and Viscri, we will go on today to tell you about the rest of the places we’ve been to and what we found there. On the way to the next destination, we made a little stop…

Road-trip in Romania: Szekler Land and the Saxon Fortresses – Part 1 – Praid, Saschiz, Rupea, Viscri

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Because it’s summer and because we are going on a road-trip through Romania every summer, this year couldn’t be different. So, on a usual Tuesday morning, we got in the car and started our trip. The destination was the heart of the country: Szekler and Saxon areas. First Stop: Praid: The Wellness Centre and the Salt Mountain  After a short…

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