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How to buy cheap plane tickets from Wizzair

Every traveler is always on a hunt for opportunities to pay as little as possible for flights. We thought it would be useful to share with you some travel tips from our experience of over 10 years flying with Wizzair.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter on the company’s website. It’s the only way to find out about all the special offers and be among the first to know when new flights are introduced or when summer/winter tickets become available.
  2. Like & follow their Facebook page. Sometimes they publish special deals there, valid just a for few hours, for those who pay attention to posts.
  3. Make an account on the website and sign up for the Wizz Discount Club. You will get back your investment for this service from the first flight, and then profit from an entire year worth of bought plane tickets. With one account, you can get discounted tickets for 2 people.
  4. Pay attention for days with discounts. Every few weeks they offer a 20% discount on all flights or in a particular country.
  5. Buy tickets early. Check the ticket fares and choose the right time to buy. The lowest prices are at least one month before the flight, but most of the time the minimum is 3-4 months before, on the most wanted routes. When a new flight is launched it may not have the best cost. If the route is less demanded, it may decrease but never wait until the last few days to purchase tickets.
  6. Use the Fare Finder tool. It can find the cheapest dates for a particular destination. But this only works if you have a flexible schedule and are willing to adjust your trip according to prices.
  7. Try a Trip Planner search. This online tool will help you find the cheapest destinations for a particular type of trip, at your chosen date, with the desired limit value.
  8. Avoid checked-in baggage. If you really need to take a few more things for your trip, instead of spending money on checked-in bags, choose Priority Boarding when buying the tickets and you can bring on board a small handbag (40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10 kg) + a cabin bag (55 x 40 x 23 cm, 10 kg). A large suitcase is only worth taking for very long trips, with special equipment or for those who travel with children.
  9. Do not buy the airport transfer option on the website. If you are willing to travel by public transport, you will always find cheaper options at your destination. It’s worth buying it only if you or people you travel with have locomotion trouble, because it’s usually cheaper than the local taxi services.
  10. Choose online check-in. It’s an action that takes just a few minutes and it’s free, while at the airport it costs extra. If you print your tickets at home and you don’t have big luggage, you can also avoid a really long queue and can arrive at the airport later and make the wait shorter.
  11. Do not buy seats in the airplane. The low-cost airlines are flying on relatively short distances anyway, so you do not necessarily need a window seat or more feet space, since the flight takes just a few hours.
  12. Choose the Basic Package when you buy tickets. If your purpose is a cheap flight, you don’t have much reason to purchase all the additional services.
  13. Do not buy food on board. Prices are high even compared to airport restaurants. You can resist 2-3 hours without a small sandwich that costs €5.
  14. Buy water at the duty-free shops. A bottle costs about €1 – 1.5 and it’s the only thing you really need on the plane. There is also a free alternative: to pass the security check with an empty plastic bottle, then fill it with tap water, except that in some airports you will find only hot tap water.
  15. Decide from the start on all the details. Any change you want to make at the time of the trip, the names of the passengers, the luggage size or the services included will cost you more later and much more if you do it right at the airport, just before the departure. However, Wizz Flex is a good option if you are not sure about everything from the beginning.
  16. For accommodation, choose an alternative solution. In the past, Wizzair had a great flight + hotel offer through their travel agency called Wizz Tours, which doesn’t exist anymore. The only benefit you have if you book your accommodation on their website is a 5% discount that becomes Wizz Credit. A better option is Airbnb, where you can find cheap apartments or guesthouses. If you don’t have an Airbnb account, sign up here and you’ll get a discount starting at $40 on your first stay.
  17. If you are an EU citizen and travel to Europe, get a European Health Card. It is valid for 1 year and covers emergency health services in the EU and associated states if you have health insurance at home. Just check the terms & conditions for your country. This way you might no longer need to buy medical insurance when purchasing plane tickets.
  18. Do not use agencies or intermediaries. Travel companies and travel websites charge a fairly large commission, the cheapest option is to buy your tickets directly from Wizzair’s website or their mobile app.
  19. Do not buy tickets from the airport if you miss the plane. In the unfortunate case you have not arrived in time and you have to buy another ticket on the spot, purchase it by yourself, on your phone, from your account. At the counter you will pay a higher price, even if they have a discount for missed flights.
  20. Travel with a group of friends or family members if you have the opportunity. There are discounts for larger groups (minimum 11 people) who buy their tickets together for a certain period of time, so take this advantage if you have whom to associate with.
  21. Avoid official holidays or free days awarded occasionally in your country. Seasonal holidays are the times when we are most eager to travel and so is everybody else. Obviously, that is also the time with the most expensive plane tickets. If you still have to travel on those dates, get your tickets as early as possible, during the first days they become available.
  22. Do not travel on weekends. On Fridays and Sundays you will find the highest prices for tickets, because that’s when people who go on city breaks are flying and when those who travel for business are returning home. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  23. Fly at night, not in the morning. Tickets are cheaper on late evening flights. The morning flights have the highest prices.
  24. Travel off-season. If you can make your schedule more flexible, you can get the cheapest holidays. But you also have to accept some risks, such as colder sea water or more rainy days.

We hope you’ll find these ideas useful. What other tips do you think we should add?

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