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Traveling to Budapest? Make the most of your trip with Budapest Card!

If you’ve been following us for some time, you know by now that we are trying every time in our travels to do as much as possible with spending as little as possible. That`s why we buy plane tickets in advance to get the best prices, search for accommodation options with the best price-quality ratio and hunt for opportunities to explore as much as we can in a destination for free or at reduced prices.

Many European cities offer the possibility for travelers to acquire discount cards in order to fully benefit of everything the destination has to offer and to enhance considerably the touristic experience.

If you didn’t already get it from our previous articles, Budapest is one of our favourite destinations and every time we visit the city, we discover lots of new and interesting things to enjoy. And because we never hesitate to try new things in order to add value to our travels while saving money, we decided to test the experiences offered by the Budapest Card.

What is Budapest Card?

Budapest Card is a discount card that helps tourists explore the city and visit many places for free or at prices up to 50% lower.

What is Budapest Card offering?

Budapest Card offers a lot. 🙂 Let’s take them one at a time:

  • Free public transport and heavily discounted trips around the city.

Although it is wonderful to explore this amazing city on foot, Budapest is an European capital with an area of over 500km², so unless you decide to move here for good, it is impossible to get everywhere by walking during your vacation.
If you have a valid Budapest Card, you can travel by public transport for free as much as you want and easily get to all the places you plan to visit.
The capital of Hungary has a very efficient and well organized public transport network, the buses, trolleys, trams and the subway run smoothly and are always on time. By carrying your card, you don’t have to worry about buying tickets and you save a lot – without it, the price for one trip is 350 forints, that’s about 1.20 euro!
If you prefer to explore the city by car, you can rent one with a 20% discount using your card.

Also, the Budapest Card gives you 50% discounts for the day and night tours with the bicycle or segway and various discounts for sightseeing buses. If you want a wonderful view of both sides of the city and photos to make all your friends envious, don’t miss out on the boat trip on the Danube, with a 40% discount. You can also travel freely with the Budapest Castle Bus – a touristic vehicle that has stops at the most important attractions in the castle district.

If you have a few hours until you check in or if you have already left the hotel in the last day of your vacation, Budapest Card also helps you to store your luggage at no charge so you can freely walk around the city and fully enjoy the experience.

  • Free or discounted entry to the thermal baths.

Budapest is sometimes called the capital of thermal baths and it deserves this name – there are many such baths in the city, tailored to every preference! From modern to 500 years old – the interiors and facilities of the baths in the capital of Hungary will delight you and you will want to explore as many of them as you can, both for entertainment and for the health benefits offered by the curative substances contained in the water.

In this case also, the Budapest Card can help you explore many baths and save money. You have free entry with the card to Lukacs thermal baths and 20% discount to other baths, including two of the most famous and appreciated by tourists: Széchenyi and Gellért. We have visited seven thermal baths in Budapest, where we had wonderful experiences about which we will tell you in a future article.

  • Free entry to 13 museums.

Art, culture, history – Budapest has them all! Learn about times gone by or admire the contemporary art in the rich and nicely decorated museums of the city for free with your Budapest Card.

If you visit the 13 museums and feel like you still have some great experiences to catch, you can have discounts for many other historic and cultural sights, including a 10% discount at the largest synagogue in Europe and 30% to visit the Hospital in the Rock, which impressed us a lot (we told you about this here), and now we have revisited it and we warmly recommend it to you. If you love nature and animals, you can also enter the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden with a 25% discount – we have fallen in love with this place and will tell you about our experience in another post.

  • Free walking tours.

Explore the most important landmarks in Budapest with a local guide, absolutely for free, with your Budapest Card. You can take part in two guided tours – one in Buda and another in Pest side.

  • Discounts at fairs and restaurants.

Fully enjoy the culinary experience that Hungarian capital has to offer by having 10-30% discounts at over 10 restaurants and coffee shops with diverse menus, for every taste.
The icing on the cake: if you are lucky enough to visit Budapest during the Easter, Spring or Christmas fairs… exactly! You have guessed! You have 5-10% discounts with your card for the products on the stalls, from the craft objects made by local artisans to the delicious traditional foods. After going twice to the Christmas fair, this year we had the chance to visit the Spring Fair in Budapest and it did not disappoint us! Although we got to the fair in a cold and rainy Monday morning, the place and people have reminded us that it is spring – this great season of nature awakening from its winter sleep, with its enchanting flowers and birds!

Still not convinced?

Although it is hard for us to believe that you have still not decided to get a Budapest Card to fully enjoy the city and save money, take a look at the complete list of discounts offered by Budapest Card so you can give up any doubt. Other good news is that there are many options for this card, suited for your vacation plans, valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours, so you can buy exactly the one you need. Our experience with Budapest Card was awesome, we have taken advantage of the opportunities being offered and we will not hesitate to get it again when we will revisit this charming city on the Danube.

Where can you buy a Budapest Card?

Almost anywhere! 🙂 You can buy it directly on the website, from the airport when you land in Budapest to start enjoying the benefits immediately or in many other places around the city – wherever you are, surely you can find a Budapest Card selling point close by.

In the end, we want to thank the Budapest Card staff of giving us the possibility to explore the city and save money with this discount card and to share this experience with our readers.

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