Lugano – a Corner of Swiss Beauty

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Common knowledge says that Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, that it didn’t participate in the two world wars, that most of its surface is covered by the majestic Alps (where Milka the purple cow comes from – the Swiss are skilled chocolate masters!), that the Red Cross was founded here, and when things go well,…

Milano – just a shopping destination?

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The Italian city of Milan is internationally renowned as the capital of fashion and a shopping destination, with hundreds of luxury brands awaiting shopping enthusiasts with famous labels and prices to measure. So, when we say Milan, we imagine an expensive destination where you shouldn’t go if you’re on a tight budget, because the main activities you can do there…

Winter in Warsaw: Beautiful Architecture, Christmas Magic and Pages of Tragic History

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After 4 amazing days in Vienna, we flew to Warsaw, excited to explore Poland for the first time. We’ve heard many good things about this country, and were curious to know how it got its reputation. Chopin Airport is modern and well organized, and the bus to the city center was easy to find and relatively inexpensive. We stayed very…

Visiting Republic of Moldova: historical sites, traditional wineries + 3 beautiful monasteries

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After completing our 2-day itinerary through Moldova on the right side of the Prut River, we arrived on a pleasant autumn evening on the left bank of the river, crossing the border at Albița / Leușeni Customs Office. After just one night of rest in Hîncești, the next day at down we resumed our Moldova road-trip to explore new parts…

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